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High Priority Plumbing is a proud sponsor for Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Rockdale and their cause of educating parents and providing them essential resources to help raise a family that is free from abuse and neglect.  Through their sponsorship, High Priority Plumbing is helping PCA Rockdale make aware their need for your kind and generous…

If it is time to get a new water heater, you could benefit from getting a tankless water heater.  Your decision might depend on your hot water demand and whether or not you can make the investment now for large savings over time.  If you have a lot of people running to get the first…

Summertime is a great time for people to see your home.  People enjoy being out and about looking at homes when the weather is nice.  And the sunshine helps brighten up your home to make it more welcoming.  But that sunshine can also spotlight water stains on walls and ceilings if you have a leak….

Clean drinking water might not seem like a luxury when you can so easily get it from a faucet.  Yet when you hear the news about the severe drought conditions in California and other places, you are reminded that clean water is a resource that can be scarce.  In Georgia we also have to take…

Summer is here.  The weather is warm and sunny.  The kids are on school break and you may be thinking of summer vacation.  The reservations are made and now it is just a matter of time.  Are you thinking of heading out to the beach?  Or perhaps you are dreaming of a mountain escape?

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