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A home isn’t complete without a handy toolbox that you can rely on for all of your home repair needs. Whether you like to tackle DIY projects on a daily basis or if you just find yourself doing a few minor repairs here and there, there are a few essential plumbing tools that our McDonough plumbers believe you should have inside of your toolbox. Check out these 8 tools and why they are essential below.

  1. Pipe Wrench: When it comes to tightening and loosening fittings and nuts, a pipe wrench is your go-to tool!
  2. Basic Wrench: This is a tool that is used to tighten and loosen nuts on sinks and faucets. This tool is perfect for when you are trying to fix a dripping faucet or leak.
  3. Hacksaw: Trying to cut through metal and plastic pipes isn’t always the easiest task, but a hacksaw can help! A hacksaw will allow you to cut through not only plastic or metal pipes, but can also be used to cut through screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware.
  4. Pliers: Grab, twist, pull hold, tighten and loosen with this all-encompassing tool! Pliers are a must in every toolbox!
  5. Tubing Cutter: When it comes time to cut copper pipes you will definitely want to have one of these on hand! This will ensure a smooth and even cut just about every time.
  6. Plumbing Tape: This is also known as teflon tape and this tape provides a reliable seal for preventing leakage of liquids and gases. Unlike putty, plumbing tape holds under and significant amount of pressure. You will need this when you are putting pipes back together.
  7. Plunger: This one might not fit in your toolbox, but we can all agree a plunger is absolutely essential! This is a must need item for every household so you’re not out of luck when a clogged toilet occurs.
  8. Toilet Auger: This tool is used in case the plunger fails, and is sometimes referred to as a drain snake. It works by being fed into your toilet’s opening, and then unclogging the toilet when you pull it out. It may cost a bit more than a plunger, but when a clog is several feet down in your pipes, an auger will become your best friend!

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