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Brian Simpson

Brian is our CEO. He has been a Master Plumber for over two decades. He became a Master Plumber in 1999, and he started High Priority Plumbing. With a desire to see customers not taken advantage of, he founded High Priority Plumbing. High Priority Plumbing is now celebrating 20 years in business.

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Author: Brian Simpson | Jun 01, 2023

Concrete v. Plastic Septic Tanks

Are you thinking about septic tank options for your backyard? If so, there are two types for your consideration: concrete and plastic. Both have advantages and drawbacks, and both have features that the other doesn’t. The hard part is picking which one is right for you. Is one better than the other? To find the […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Apr 03, 2023

Can You Have a Garbage Disposal with a Septic Tank?

Working in the kitchen isn’t a lot of fun, what with all the pot stains, dirty utensils, sticky dishes, and smells. For many, the invention of the garbage disposal saves us some of the unpleasantness. Simply dump the scraps of food down the drain and flip the switch. But is a garbage disposal bad for […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Feb 03, 2023

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

Water in your basement can ruin belongings, create an unhealthy living environment, and damage the foundation of your home. A sump pump is a device that protects your home from water damage by removing groundwater that has accumulated around the foundation of the house. It is installed in the lowest part of the basement or […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Dec 01, 2022

Giving Back To Our Community

At High Priority, giving back is essential. Our motto is “Our Customers, Our Community,” and we love to serve our community on, and off, the clock. We give back because we want to positively impact those around us and make people smile. We are thankful for these opportunities we had to serve in 2022: Nicholas […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Oct 03, 2022

High Priority’s Eatonton Office

Want to hear some great news? We have opened a second High Priority Plumbing location in Eatonton, Georgia. The plumbing and septic company you know and love is now in Lake Country. We offer all our current services at this location and focus highly on septic systems. According to Paulette Simpson, owner of High Priority […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Aug 01, 2022

We are Family at High Priority Plumbing

The relationships we have formed inside our company radiate out to our customers. At High Priority Plumbing, our team truly is a family that cares for each other genuinely on and off the job. This supportive family dynamic drives our connection to our customers and remains at the core of everything we do. When coming […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Jun 07, 2022

Jetting Services

Does that kitchen sink or toilet continuously clog? Recurring clogged pipes can be frustrating — and ultimately expensive. A remedy for this issue is a method called jetting.  What is Jetting?  Sometimes referred to as “Hydro Jetting”, jetting begins when a plumber uses high-pressure water jets to unclog debris or buildup in piping. Plumbers have […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Apr 05, 2022

How to Find the Main Sewer Line in Your House

Unfortunately, plumbing issues are almost inevitable, especially if you have an older home. For this reason, it is crucial to locate the sewer line. There are benefits to knowing where your sewer line is. Knowing the ins and outs of your home sewer system allows you to quickly tend to any emergency plumbing situation like […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Feb 08, 2022

How to Find Underground Water Line Leak

Has your water bill gone up without any obvious reason? You may have an underground water leak. Since they are hidden away, underground leaks can go unnoticed and cause significant damage. Calling in the professionals is the best solution when suspecting an underground leak. Our team at High Priority Plumbing utilizes the latest water line […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Dec 06, 2021

How Often Does A Septic Tank Need To Be Pumped?

Homeowners often overlook septic tanks until a problem arises. Proper septic tank maintenance is important for preventing sewage disasters in your home and yard. Your septic tank should be inspected and pumped every 3-5 years. If you have moved into a new home, pumping the septic tank would be a wise plan as you may […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Nov 08, 2021

How To Winterize A House Plumbing

Although Georgia is known for its heat, freezing temperatures eventually come in the winter months. Being unprepared for a freeze could leave your family without water and dealing with massive home repairs. Burst pipes can cause significant damage very quickly, so our High Priority Plumbing team is standing by 24/7. The best way to avoid […]

Author: Brian Simpson | Sep 13, 2021

How Septic Tanks Work

Hidden out of sight, septic tanks are often ignored until a problem arises. Septic issues are horribly unpleasant for your home and family, so being proactive with your septic tank is wise. Septic tanks should be inspected every three years and pumped every 3-5 years on average. When you understand how your septic tank works, […]