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Residential Services

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Residential Plumbing Services in Atlanta, GA

Plumbing problems are at the very least an inconvenience, but they can develop into greater problems, including foul smells, property damage, and health hazards. However, the right plumbing service can help solve these issues promptly and thoroughly. At High Priority Plumbing serving Metro Atlanta, including Conyers, GA, we have all of your residential plumbing repair and replacement needs covered.

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Whether your plumbing issues involve drains and sewers, garbage disposals, leaky faucets, sump pumps, gas lines, water lines, water heaters, or septic system issues, we have you covered. Our team has the training, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience to handle your plumbing issues efficiently.

Pre-Scheduled and Emergency Plumbing Services

Our residential plumbing services are available for conveniently scheduled appointments and 24/7 emergency service. Regardless of the plumbing problem at hand, our professional plumbers will arrive at your home promptly to solve all or most of your plumbing concerns in a single visit.

We carefully diagnose the plumbing problem(s) at hand and develop a detailed, written quote for the work. Upon your approval, a licensed plumber from our team will complete the job to a high quality standard of workmanship and according to local municipal codes. We thoroughly clean up after our work and ensure that your plumbing system is operating properly, efficiently, and safely before we leave.

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For more information about the residential plumbing repair and replacement services we offer in Metro Atlanta, including Conyers, GA, call us today at 770.874.1464, send us a message through our contact form, or request a free quote.

Why Choose Us?

High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. is your friendly, neighborhood plumber who you can trust to pay attention to detail when it comes to getting the job done right. We focus on fast, quality service for long-lasting, reliable results. Our services are offered by experienced plumbers, including our 24/7 emergency services in the metro Atlanta area.

Our Customers are our Priority

We pride ourselves in taking excellent care of our customers. Check out our reviews and see why our customers chose us.

24/7 Emergency Services

When you call High Priority Plumbing you will speak to a High Priority Plumbing team member 24/7.

Family Owned and Operated

Owners, Brian and Paulette Simpson, started High Priority Plumbing with a desire to serve their community with skilled plumbers and excellent customer service. 20 years later, we are still serving our communities in Metro Atlanta.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your residential care plans cost?

There are several factors that go into the cost of residential plumbing service plans. For specific information about the right plan for your home, talk to the team at High Priority Plumbing.

What is the most common residential plumbing problem?

In the city, one of the most common residential plumbing problems are clogged drains. Clogged drains can occur in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms in the home. They are often a result of various types of materials, including paper products, food, grease, oil, and other types of organic and inorganic things being disposed of through the sink or the toilet.

What are the warning signs my residential plumbing may need repairs?

Signs of problems with your residential plumbing service include toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs that are slow to drain. Bad odors from drains and fixtures are another common sign. Other signs can include mold on the walls or under sinks and fixtures, sudden increases in water bills, or signs of water pooling in the yard over water lines into or out of the home, particularly if you have a septic system.

What should be included in a service contract for a residential plumber?

At High Priority Plumbing, we believe in transparency. Our quotes provide detailed information on the repairs or services provided, as well as information on our warranties for the work completed.

Which is better for running residential plumbing lines: Pex or PVC/CPVC?

For most new construction and plumbing system repairs and upgrades, PEX offers a better solution. If the repair requires connection to metal pipes in the home, including copper pipes, PEX is the best possible choice.