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Commercial Services

If your business is in need of plumbing services, contact us to get the water and sewer system working properly at your company. We have Master plumbers with the experience, training, and knowledge to fix a wide range of plumbing issues whether they are small or large, simple or complex. We also provide preventative maintenance to keep your lines flowing and draining properly.

Our professional plumbers can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs – from a leaking sink to maintenance and repair. High Priority Plumbing provides full-service commercial plumbing to businesses of all sizes – big or small. Our convenient online scheduling makes booking simple and quick. Request service online or give us a call today. We serve the Greater Atlanta area including Conyers, Covington, McDonough, Winder and more.

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Residential Services

We make sure that our clients are given our best service in repair, maintenance, and installation with regard to your plumbing system. We provide services from general repairs to water heater replacement and to detecting and repairing line leaks. No project is too small or too large.

We also provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services because we know problems can occur at anytime. When you make an appointment, a well-trained, courteous plumber will arrive promptly, perform an inspection of the problem area, and apply the appropriate solution.

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Water Service Lines

Water line leaks and damage to the line are some of the most common problems in plumbing. If your water bill increases for no reason, someone hears water running with no appliances on, you see water stains on a ceiling or wall, or have other suspicions about your water line leaking, we have solutions for leak detection, repair, and replacement of your water line.


Drain and Sewer Services

Clogs from overstressed pipes or obstructions blocking a line can quickly escalate into a plumbing disaster. When standard plunging and household cleansers are not effective, contact High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. to promptly unclog your drain. We also perform preventative maintenance to clear waste, debris, and dirt that can accumulate over time.


Faucet Services

Can’t seem to locate the leak coming from your faucet? Call High Priority Plumbing Services, Inc. to quickly locate and correctly repair any issues you may be experiencing due to a leaky faucet. Our professional plumbers can handle all of your commercial and residential plumbing needs – from a leaking sink to maintenance and repair.

sump pump

Sump Pump Services

The sump pump at work in your basement has a big responsibility: preventing floods and protecting your home from water damage and expensive repairs. If your home is in need of plumbing services, trust High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. to get the sump pump system working properly.

drain garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Services

Garbage disposal repair is a good option anytime there is a question about its working order. Most problems are easily solved by a trained professional. If your garbage disposal is clogged or broken and needs repair – we have the experience and proper equipment to unclog any blockage or fix any appliance.

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Gas Line Services

Gas leaks are a problem that can be caused by normal wear and tear with the fittings leaking underground, behind a wall, or in a place where the leak can go unnoticed. Our gas leak specialists will help isolate the leak, repair or replace the gas line, and install new gas lines. This type of repair can be dangerous – trust our master plumbers to get the job done safely.

water heater

Water Heater Services

Whether you need water heater repairs or are ready to upgrade to a more energy-efficient water heater, we can recommend the best solution for your hot water needs. Our services include installation, maintenance, and repairs for tankless water heaters, gas/electric water heaters, and expansion tanks.